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Why you should choose Sunlotto Lottery

1. Formal and legal aspects

Lelot (Cambodia) Co., Ltd obtained the license issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Cambodia in 2017. It's a real Cambodia lottery, Khmer lottery. Sunlotto is a lottery brand under the Lelot (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., meaning sun, transparency, fairness and justice.

2. Fair and just

Unlike other Cambodia(Khmer) lottery companies, our lottery draw uses random selection method of balls. The process of broadcast is live, so there is no lottery fraud. At the same time, everyone is welcome to watch the live broadcast.

3. Public Welfare

To benefit from the people and to the people, we support all public welfare undertakings within our ability.

4. Convenient and comfortable

You can buy Cambodia(Khmer) lottery tickets anywhere and anytime.

5. 5D, 6D lottery winning odds

Buying a 5D lottery(Cambodia Khmer) will not only win the $10,000 USD jackpot, but also have the opportunity to win a consolation prize of $15 or $1, and a ticket with 3 chances of winning!

Buying a 6D lottery(Cambodia Khmer) will not only win the $15,000 USD jackpot, but also 4 opportunities to win a consolation prize from US$1 to US$900, and a ticket with 9 chances of winning!

6. Novelty and variety of gameplay

We offer you free 100 Cambodia lottery tickets to send to your friends and family. Dont you try it? Lucky click here!

Scratch card live(Cambodia Khmer)

A new way of playing Cambodia(Khmer) scratch card in the digital world. Watch the live stream on FaceBook Live with our beautiful MCs broadcast with you to win the lottery prize $30000 !

Syndicate lottery

Lonely to play by yourself? Invite everyone to buy together, the winning amount will be automatically divided equally!

Cambodia(Khmer) SMS lottery purchase

Seatel users directly send 5 numbers to 8888, e.g. 12345, to use the SMS service to buy lottery. You can also subscribe to our automated lottery purchase by sending 5 numbers and adding day, e.g. 12345day. The service will buy one ticket per day for you.

7. Extra income

Join us to become an owner of Cambodia(Khmer) lottery store online. Request a code from us and invite your friends or followers to download our app using your code. Every tickets that they buy from our app will become your extra income in the future. Hotline:0188001800

8. Reliable Partnerships

Sunlotto has signed important strategic cooperation agreements with Cambodia financial services companies including Mpay, Truemoney, Huiwang, PayGo, Fincy, LYFE and other companies. The financial service partners will provide the best transaction solutions to our Sunlotto’s customers. It is easy and convenient to deposit and withdraw the cash in Sunlotto app.

Interested in becoming our dealers?

Offline business is recruiting agents:

1. Recruitment conditions

(1) Individuals over the age of 18 who have full civil rights and conduct, or enterprises with independent legal personality can submit an application for agency to our company.

(2) Applicants must have a sales place for independent sales, which can guarantee the safety of lottery warehousing.

(3) Applicants must have the right to use or reside in the place where they apply for sales, and be able to provide a dedicated sales area of more than 2 square meters.

(4) Applicants must have certain marketing experience and market development capabilities, and someone is responsible for sales.

2. Registration time: from now until December 31, 2020